Reddit AMA Infographic

Infographic produced on PIktochart for how to produce a Reddit AMA. I recently worked with a faculty member to produce a live Reddit “AMA”s or “Ask me anything” on Data Privacy, to coincide with #DataPrivacyDay. A student worker helped tremendously with the planning process, and since I expected to be asked how we did it, I had her create this infographic explainer using Piktochart. (more…)

Alexa Flash Briefing Demo

Alexa Flash Briefing and Michigan NewsAmazon Alexa can be enhanced with “Skills” that are much like add-on apps. Users can add easily additional Skills to Alexa and there are thousands of free and paid Skills available that perform stand-alone functionality or integrate with other cloud services like Spotify. Developers can even create custom Skills. (more…)

Podcast Distribution Service Options

A colleague at work produces the podcast Listen In, Michigan, and now that it’s in its third year, I thought it was time to re-evaluate the hosting and distribution platform. The podcast is currently hosted on Soundcloud. I asked a student worker to do the initial research and present her findings.

After some discussion, we identified the comparative criteria for evaluating the possibilities:

  • cost
  • storage & duration of storage
  • integration with popular podcast software, including Stitcher, iTunes, and Spotify’s new platform
  • embedding and customization options