• Digital Badge(r)s

    In 2014, I presented on digital badges using @credly & @Mozilla Backpack. It was followed by a panel discussion with @pfanderson, @billchase2edu & @mattesnyder. At the time, this video was popular.

  • A Body of Work

    I tell my student workers all the time to work on their portfolios. And keep them up. Sadly, I haven’t followed my own advice. Now, after doing web and design for 25 years, I wish I’d curated my creations. Where does one begin building a portfolio in mid-career? Do I dig into the archives and…

  • LastPass FTW

    We all know we should be using a password manager, right? Wait. What’s a password manager? I installed the browser plug-in and the app on my phone. Seems easy so far, now, to set it up. That turned out to be a black hole for me. I tried to set up a couple of accounts…

  • Audio Blog Workflow

  • Reddit AMA Infographic

  • Alexa Flash Briefing Demo