Smart Speakers and Enterprise Networks

I’ve been trying to get my Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Home Hub to connect to the office WiFi for testing. I wasn’t able to get the Dot connected back in August and today I tried again with the Hub, but no go.

According to this webpage, these devices are intended to run on “consumer network routers”, not enterprise networks:

Home Automation/Internet-Connected Devices
Wireless lighting, speakers, or video devices are designed and intended for use in single-family homes using consumer network routers. They are typically unable to connect to enterprise WiFi networks. Examples of these devices include: Phillips Hue lighting systems, Amazon Echo speakers, Nest Cams, etc.

What a bummer!

Thankfully, a very helpful Google Support rep and I worked our way through a possible workaround. I enabled the cellular hotspot on my iPhone (7) and then attempted to connect to the Hub with my iPad (2). This probably would have worked were it not for the fact that I cannot upgrade my iPad to iOS 10 and therefore the latest Hub app won’t work either! Thanks a lot for dashing my hopes, Apple.

Can anyone out there confirm whether this technique works?