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Digital Badge(r)s

In 2014, I presented on digital badges using @credly & @Mozilla Backpack. It was followed by a panel discussion with @pfanderson, @billchase2edu & @mattesnyder. At the time, this video was popular.

This presentation includes an explanation, exploration, and discussion of digital badges for use in community building, professional development, and skills/academic achievement. The first part of the presentation will define issuers, badges and criteria, and earners. The second part of the presentation includes a live demonstration and walk-through for creating and issuing a badge using the platform.

Session attendants will earn a badge for their participation and have the opportunity to create their own badges during this part of the session. The third and final part of the presentation will include a panel discussion with representatives from instructional technology, human resources, and others to consider potential uses of digital badges and their overall credibility and desirability.